Da Poop Entry

Did you know that my 2 month year old daughter did not poop for seven days? For the first few weeks of her life, she poops so many times a day. Few days ago — this was the time she entered the second month — I was alarmed that she did not poop the whole day so I had to Google it and found out that exclusively breastfed babies like my daughter may begin having fewer bowel movements at around a month old. Also, I am glad that I took the breastfeeding route because I do not need to worry too much about her having constipation.

I told our pedia doctor about this and he told us that it’s fine. No poop for several days is normal and it just indicates that nutrients from my milk are well absorbed by my baby.

Hunny is happy because we don’t need to spend a lot on diapers. Haha!

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