Dresses exemplify womanliness

I simply adore wearing dresses and love seeing dresses on women because I think they look so feminine and sexy. Dresses show the woman’s curves, legs, cleavage, and sometimes have a tendency to hug her butt too tightly.

I am constantly looking for dresses and still trying on a heap of them until I find the one that I think I can wear, because there are just different types of dresses out there and I am looking for dresses that are not sexually arousing. You know, it sometimes depends on the style of the dress if it is aggressive or provocative. I always go for casual ones.

I saw this at Blue Navy yesterday and fell in love and I think it was my first time shopping for dresses with Honey. :D

Blue Navy Dress
Click here for bigger version

Blue Navy Dress

Blue Navy Dress

And some weeks ago, I purchased this dress at Mint:

Mint Dress

Mint Dress

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14 Responses to Dresses exemplify womanliness

  1. Ed says:

    You look lovely with both dresses, dear. :D Very girly. ;)

  2. Fia says:

    Waaaah. Why oh why isn’t there a face to go with the dress? LOL. Both dresses look really pretty. :)

  3. Jayne says:

    Ka-sexy naman! :yes:

  4. laarnaay says:

    I cropped it. lol. Saka I just want to show the dresses only, same with some online stores I know.

    Thanks for dropping by.


  5. laarnaay says:

    Thanks, Jayne. :)

  6. Those are sooo cute! And I love your choice of shoes too. Very pretty. :yes:

  7. laarnaay says:

    Thank ya, Annie. I love them :laugh:

  8. Rachel says:

    gaganda nga ng dresses. gusto ko nga din ng mga ganyan ngayon eh.

  9. caryn says:

    wow, those are really cute! i’m waiting for the summer sales to start ;-)

  10. Miss Dre says:

    love the Mint dress :)

  11. Pahn says:

    certainly, woman in dress really rocks!!! it is making guys to stay numb about other stuffs :lol:

  12. Gabriel says:

    hey, sexy mo pala ;)… hehehhee

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