Check out my running shoes

Yesterday, I managed to blow dry my hair decently and it took me fewer minutes this time than before. Yay for shorter hair!

This was my outfit when I went out to ship some packages. I was wearing my first pair of running shoes from Adidas — The color is a combination of black and teal. Yes, they’re running shoes but I turned them into casual shoes, and I believe I pulled it off. I have never worn this during daylight since I bought it few weeks ago until yesterday. I was with Hunny and I joked around, “Tara! jogging na tayo!” lololol.

This pair was designed exclusively for flat footed people like me. If you think there’s something wrong with your feet, examine them. You can check out Google and learn more about flat feet.

And here’s Pixie rubbing her face against my shoes and legs:

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3 Responses to Check out my running shoes

  1. Hazel says:

    i think it went well with the shorts and top :D

  2. Lily says:


    first of all… mukhang nataba ka! :yes:

    2nd… running shoes or casual shoes.. aber! ADDIDAS YAN!! FTW! THE BRAND!

    3rd… YAY FOR SHORT HAIR.. Me too! Nagpagupit ako…

    Lastly, I miss you, Marz.

  3. Dre says:

    I want to get a pair of running shoes. I saw one from Adidas and it’s worth P4,700+. I need to save!

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