American Idol 13

Are you watching this year’s American Idol? I am rooting for MK and Malaya this season 13. I thought MK’s last week’s performance was solid sincere and authentic while Malaya is super fun and she knows how to play the instrument called, Tuba. I thought it was cool. She said that she can play most instruments and now I wonder if she also plays an instrument that uses a wooden music stand from musicians friend. lol.

Anyway, your bet?

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Yahoo PH rant!

I am kinda pissed off about Yahoo PH’s new homepage. You see, they recently rolled out a new homepage and until now it had still bugs when I browse it via mobile. I can’t use the sliders properly as it always gives me an error every time I click on a news item. It used to be okay. I love reading news and be updated on what’s going on around me but this revamp makes my daily routine ruined.

I need a set of bass bridges at guitar center to make me feel better. Oh please.

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Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is my daughter’s latest favorite cartoon character. She accidentally stumbled upon this on Youtube. Finding this at the mall was a surprise so we quickly bought it. We might purchase the other characters too. I did not know that the show was popular.

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Tux on VDay

Hello pretties! How’s your February so far? Mine has been nice. I already launched my new beauty and fashion blog on Valentine’s Day. Just check the sidebar of this blog and find the banner and click on it to get there on the new place. My Valentino did not wear a tuxedo shirt but I did wear a black sweater dress to hide my fats. Just kidding.

That’s all for now!

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Life updates

Bulleted Life Updates:

  • Though Hanson might not visit my country this year, I am still thinking of renewing my Hanson Fan Club Membership. Its expiration date will be on the 14th next month. IDK.
  • Been working on my new blog that will mainly focus on Beauty, Fashion, and a little bit of Lifestyle. I bought a hosting from Hostgator and domain name from Godaddy.
  • Checked the exceptional eden effects at musicians friend website today.
  • Pretty excited for Valentine’s Day.


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Got Mutes?

The great euphonium mutes must have these following qualities: They must be accurate. If it has a bumpy response in either loudness or pitch, the player may make flawed corrections, which will carry over into playing with the open horn.

The sonic feedback must be acceptable for the environment. If the mute reduces the sound too much for the surrounding conditions, the player may not get good or enough pitch or volume information.

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My fave girl

Denise Vasi is my new favorite girl. She is an American fashion model and she plays the role of Raquel Lancaster in the TV series I am following for three years, which is the Single Ladies aired by VH1.

I kinda dig her new hairstyle from the latest episode of Single Ladies. I want to show it to my hairstylist. Haha!

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Laptop issues

So finding a good but cheap hard drive at the roland studio capture at guitar center can help save the day, because my old Pink Chic has almost consumed its memory now, which made me stop at the meantime from downloading music and videos from the Internet. I can still squeeze the photos, on the other hand, but the laptop gets slower and slower by the minute. Good thing there is Google Drive to help me to store these files while I think of a better way to save these memories.

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